To-Do List 01/06/17

  • Go to sleep. I don’t work tonight and there’s no reason for me to be awake right now.
  • Eventually wake up, probably?
  • Proof Dark Moon Digest #26 and consider begging people to subscribe to the magazine by pledging to our Patreon but think better of it. I can’t ask people to buy things anymore. I can’t ask people anything. It’s so sickening. How can we function this way?
  • Watch the promo videos for Resident Evil 7 again and pee myself in the anticipation of its arrival.
  • Finish that goddamn story I haven’t been able to shut up about in the last couple posts.
  • Finish that goddamn article pitch I haven’t been able to shut up about in the last couple posts.
  • I finished that book review I was talking about last time, but the place I intended on sending it to turned out to be a dead end, so I’m waiting to hear back from another site about a potential reviewer gig.
  • Read more of Little Heaven.
  • Read Dark Moon Digest submissions and pretend like one day we’ll be completely caught up.
  • Spend time with Lori. Ask her to participate in a murder-suicide and pout when she once again declines the invite.
  • Buy a vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic during happy hour. Drink it.
  • Write some more of Cirrhosis.

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