[SPECIAL] Pre-order the GARDEN OF FIENDS anthology, receive another book FOR FREE

I’m excited to announce my new novella “Everywhere You’ve Bled and Everywhere You Will” will be published this April in Wicked Run Press’s Garden of Fiends anthology. My novella is about a recovering heroin addict who one day begins bleeding out of his penis and finds himself infested with spiders and weird hallucinations. It’s super gross and fucked up and y’all are gonna love it.

Also involved in this anthology: Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jessica McHugh, John FD Taff, Johann Thorsson, Glen Krisch, and Mark Matthews. Holy crap! What a lineup!

presale april 18

Also, since Wicked Run is such a cool press, they’re currently holding a special: the first 25 people to pre-order the eBook of Garden of Fiends and email a confirmation receipt to wickedrunpress@gmail.com will receive a FREE kindle book of their choosing by any of the authors in the anthology.

Last I heard, there were only SIX spots left, so hurry!


Here are your choices for free books:

Jack Ketchum 
The Girl Next Door
Off Season
Peaceable Kingdom
The Woman

Kealan Patrick Burke
Sour Candy
Secret Faces
The Turtle Boy

Jessica McHugh
The Train Derails in Boston
The Green Kangaroos
Rabbits in the Garden

John FD Taff
The Desolated Orchard
I Can Taste the Blood
The End in All Beginnings
Max Booth III
How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers
Lost Signals (I edited this!)
American Nightmare (includes my short story “All the Beautiful Marilyns”
Johann Thorrsson
Not Your Average Monster: Volume 2


Glen Krisch
Where Darkness Dwells
The Hollowed Land
The Nightmare Within

Mark Matthews
All Smoke Rises
Lilly’s Tale: The Milk-Blood Trilogy
On the Lips of Children

By the way, the kindle pre-order price currently listed on Amazon? I hear it’s gonna increase come publication day, so if I were you, I’d click my finger on the pre-order button SOON.