about the author of ‘how to smash the state using only recycled bits of old pac-man machines’

things you gotta know:

  • Email: maxboothiii@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @GiveMeYourTeeth
  • Raised in Northern Indiana
  • Lives in a small town outside San Antonio, TX
  • Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Perpetual Motion Machine
  • Managing Editor of Dark Moon Digest
  • Host of Castle Rock Radio (A Stephen King Podcast)
  • Author of The Nightly Disease, Escape from Dinosauria (w/ Vincenzo Bilof), How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers, The Mind is a Razorblade, Toxicity, and They Might Be Demons
  • Editor of Lost SignalsTruth or Dare?, Long Distance Drunks, So it Goes, Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories, and Zombies Need Love, Too
  • Writes online for LitReactor and Gamut
  • Looks like this:

max black and white

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