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The Next Big Thang

It’s my turn to answer the designated questions for the Next Big Thang, after having been tagged by Mista Eric J. Guignard. In turn, I will tag authors Lori Michelle, Araminta Star Matthews and Suzie Lockhart. One week from now, on December 12, they will answer the same questions that I have answered today, and tag another 3-5 authors, and so on.

Right then.

1)      What is the working title of your next book?

The Mind is a Razorblade

2) Where did the idea come from for the book?

I’ve always loved stories that involve memory disorders. Nolan’s Memento is one of my all time favorites noir tales that incorporates memory loss. I wondered what I would do if I were to wake up in some strange place, with no memory of who I was. So I wrote out what I thought would happen. It is highly exaggerated. Highly.

3) What genre does your book fall under?

Neo-noir, horror

4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

The narrator would definitely be played by Edward Norton. Although I have to admit it’d be hilarious if he was played by Jordan Prentice (the dwarf actor from In Bruges).

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

After a man wakes up next to two dead bodies with no recollection of his own identity, he will go through unspeakable lengths to discover the truth of who he really is.

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I’ve vowed to never self-published, so it will be published under a small press most likely. I have a few in mind, but there’s no telling at the moment.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

The first draft took a month to write. The second draft took a year, thanks to other projects getting in the way. Right now it’s going through final edits.

8) What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I suppose The Mind is a Razorblade can be compared to The Bourne Identity since it shares a similar quest to recover memory, and also to Song of Kali for having such a fucked up setting.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Well, what the hell else was I going to do?

10) What else about the book might pique the reader’s interest?

One of my other goals in writing this book was to take the whole “flashback” trope of certain fiction and make it unique again. I like to believe that I’ve offered a new and entertaining way to tell flashbacks, and I hope that potential readers enjoy it.


My Debut Book, True Stories Told By a Liar, is Coming Soon

So in case some of you haven’t heard yet, Numen Books will be publishing my debut book, TRUE STORIES TOLD BY A LIAR in a few weeks (just in time for that mad Christmas rush). It’s a book of 21 short stories–11 previously published and 10 unpublished. I am very, very excited about all of this, for obvious reasons, but even more so now that one of my heroes in the horror industry has given me an advanced blurb on the book:

“Max Booth III’s stories are as sharp and unexpected as a gunshot breaking the still of an evening. His masterful collection, True Stories Told By a Liar, takes normal men and women, like any of us, and tilts their world just enough to drive them mad. These stories are truly dark gems, told by a storyteller to watch. Max Booth III is a star on the rise!”

—Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters and Inheritance

I know, right? This is all crazy, and any second now I am expecting somebody to come walking from behind a fake wall revealing that this has all been some elaborate trick. It’ll happen, we’ll just have to give it time, is all.

Since I have a book and everything now (for the time being), I am going to be making more updates on this blog thing of mine, since I’ve somewhat neglected it in the past. I’ll also be maintaining the Perpetual Motion Machine site, as well–which I realize now I never actually announced on my blog, but everyone who knows me is already well aware of it. But in case you have no idea what I’m talking about–I am the editor-in-chief of the new small press, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, and yes, the name is quite long, thank you for noticing. I actually just recently wrote a blog post there about Amazon’s new review policy that you may want to check out–the views on that post were just insane. It definitely reached people, which is a good thing I SUPPOSE.


In Which I Take Over the HWA Blog and Pimp Zombie Jesus

So in case you didn’t know, I recently edited an anthology for Dark Moon Books called Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories. It comes out in just over a week. To promote it I wrote a guest post on the Horror Writers Association blog today; in this post you’ll find out how to win a free, signed copy of this book. So, ya know, maybe check it out.

Also, for another chance to win a free copy, go over to the promo blog I’ve been running and leave a comment on literally any post to be entered in the drawing. Or, you could just preorder the book right now and receive a free poster of the book cover. Which I’m sure you’ll be convinced to do once you lay eyes on this beautiful bastard below:


Stephen King Month is Nearing, Plus Some Other Stuff, I Guess

First off, I have helped put together another STEPHEN KING MONTH at the Dark Moon blog, Last Writes. Very excited to have contributions from writing all stars like Joe McKinney and C.W. LaSart. Read this post for further details.

I also just received news that my story, “Oh Just Shut Up Already”, has been accepted in the classy eFiction Magazine. Will post more about it when the information comes available, but pretty excited about this one. I am still anxiously waiting to see if I made it in the White Cats anthology, Airships & Automatons, which would pay some hella good cash.

Also, in case you didn’t happen to notice the beautiful little button on the top right of my site, I am now an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association! Which is awesome! So suck it! YEAH!

Everyone Wants Me

I was interviewed by author Alan Dale over on his blog yesterday. He did a pretty nice job with what I gave him–you should all check it out. Whoever “you” might be. If I was to believe most pictures on the Internet, I would be left to assume that you are cats. I don’t exactly know what business cats have reading a Max Booth III interview, but what the hell, shine on you crazy cats, shine on.


slices of flesh

Slices of Flesh (and whatnot)

I know it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve posted here, but I can totally explain. You see, I’m lazy.

Right, moving on then. The World Horror Convention was a blast. Will hopefully get around to writing about that sometime here soon, but then again, probably not. Let’s look at it this way, by the time I have a write up of all the crazy events that occurred in Salt Lake City, the NEXT World Horror Convention will have already passed. But WHC did mark the launch of Dark Moon Books’ charity anthology, SLICES OF FLESH, which includes one of my stories. It also features some of horror’s greatest authors, such as Jack Ketchum, Joe McKinney, and Not-Brian-Keene.

You can will buy it HERE.

Also, if you wanted a little taste on just how awesome this book really is, why don’t you take a stroll over to Tales to Terrify, where the ever so kind host has recorded my story, MONSTER, on his podcast. And let me just say–holy shit, it is awesome.

Let’s see, what else, what else. Oh yeah, my horror western novella, BLACK, is coming closer to publication in the anthology, WELCOME TO HELL. The incredible cover art is as follows:

Obviously you should all buy this book when it comes out, because it’s going to kick a ton of ass.

I guess that’s about it for the moment. Am going to try to write more on this friggin’ thing, but then again, netflix.

Oh yeah, and if you’re wondering why I’ve completely changed this site’s theme, it’s because I am astonishingly indecisive.

Zombies Need Love, Too (Call For Submissions)

Working Title: Zombies Need Love, Too

Edited by: Max Booth III

Contact info:

This will be a zombie anthology about blood, guts and sex, with an introduction written by Scott S. Phillips of THE STINK OF FLESH fame. This is an anthology being put together by a couple of independent authors. We plan to submit the finished copy first to Dark Moon Books.

The present, very tentative title for it so far is “ZOMBIES NEED LOVE, TOO”, so what does that tell you? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ZOMBIE ROMANCE, or ZOMBIE LOVE, or HOT SEXY ZOMBIES ALL OVER THE PLACE CHECK IT OUT YOU GUYS?

Sexual content involving the undead is our main theme—however, this does not mean that you are to write a full on erotica story, because that is just weird. We want actual stories—NOT pornos. Also, your story doesn’t have to actually involve literal sex in it–zombies involving just love in general would be great submissions as well.

We would also like to make it clear that it doesn’t necessarily need to involve sex with the undead, just that we’re looking for stories involving sexually charged relationships, situations or overtones, but that also happen to involve zombies.

Except for erotica, any style of writing will be appropriate—ESPECIALLY humor. C’mon, it’s stories about zombie sex. How is that not funny?

And to answer some of your questions, yes, this concept is incredibly creepy and wrong on so many levels. However … actually, we don’t have any excuses. It is what it is.

Twenty years from now, will any of us be proud that we contributed to this book? Most definitely not. But that’s like, what, twenty years from now. Most of us will probably be dead by then.

Maximum word count is 5,000 words; although this is not very strict, anything over should be an exception and not the rule.

• DEADLINE: March 31st

• PAYMENT: Sadly, we can’t pay you, as we are just as poor as you are. However, everyone who is published in it will receive one complimentary copy.

Reprints ARE acceptable, as long as they are not currently available online.

• Multiple submissions are fine.

Submit to