While it is true that I am the worst hotel employee in the world and also the best writer person in the world, I also spend a good chunk of my time as an editor. You’ve heard of editors. You’re probably scared of editors. Don’t be. There are better things in life to be afraid of, like moldy sponges and circus peanuts. I serve as the Editor-in-Chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the Managing Editor of Dark Moon Digest. I do freelance editing for a variety of independent publishing companies and self-published authors. I can supply references if needed.

If you’ve recently completed a manuscript and you’re looking for someone to give it a polish, then send me an email and we can talk. My editorial services involve a combination of line edits and story doctoring.

I charge $0.01 per word.

Payment for all services will be 1/2 down before editing is started and the remainder paid in full upon completion.

Contact at maxboothiii@gmail.com



“I’ve always been impressed by the high quality content produced by Dark Moon Books. Their discovery and nurturing of authors like C.W. LaSart and the lineup included in their grotesquely wonderful anthologies made me a fan a long time ago. So when I saw one of their editors, Max Booth III, had a special holiday deal for full manuscript editing, I went for it.

I’ve never had a professional editor before and didn’t know what to expect. It was a surprisingly gratifying experience. His pickups on mechanical issues was spot-on, his editing professional and courteous, his manner friendly and approachable. He dissected the plot well and pointed out the places where narrative incongruence reared its ugly head, while praising the parts he thought were decently done.
Max had promised to get the book–a 130,000-word mammoth–back to me within 4 weeks. I had the suggestions and line edits back in 3. Not only did he update me every week as to where he was in the reading (Hey Usman, 60,0000-words in and chugging along!), he also managed to answer a handful of questions I sent him two days before the end of three weeks. All in all, smart editing, good suggestions and critical pickups. Highly recommended.”
Usman Malik, Clermont, Fl

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