The Mind is a Razorblade

new razorblade


Publisher: Kraken Press

Publication Date: September 18, 2014

Paperback: 233


The Mind is a Razorblade is my second full-length novel. It’s a strange little book about a man who wakes up one night with telekinetic abilities, only he no longer has any memory of who he is or why there’s a bunch of dead bodies around him. I’m sure we’ve all had similar nights in our past, so obviously you can relate. It’s similar to films like The Bourne Identity and Dark City, only with an extra weirdness inspired by the brilliance of Terry Gilliam.

Drowning, he wakes beside two corpses. His memory has been wiped clean. He doesn’t know his name, what he’s doing here, who these people are, or even why one of them is a cop. Nor can he explain his strange telekinetic abilities.

Questions plague his mind like hellfire, questions that begin a journey leading into the rot of downtown America, a journey that will not end until every one of his questions have been answered, despite who has to die in the process. Even if those who have all the answers aren’t human.

Even if the true monster he’s hunting for is staring at him through the mirror.


Advance Praise


“With The Mind is a Razorblade, Max Booth III opens up with both barrels for a novel of unrelenting tension and extreme horror. Not for the faint-hearted.”
–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Fall of Night and V-Wars

“Sharp and deadly—the mind is definitely a razor blade. Max Booth has created a dark, violent, and oddly touching novel. This powerful story is hard to put down and full of emotion—laughing one minute, cringing the next, and constantly glancing over your shoulder, wondering if those shadows moved again.” –Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration

“Max Booth III takes you on a journey built with the stuff of your nightmares and injected with a triple dose of noir, sci-fi and the deepest, darkest comedy. From the first page — hell, the first sentence — Booth assaults your senses with paranoia, action, and terror and he never lets up. The Mind is a Razorblade is a novel about love, identity, spiders and demons — and it will kick your ass.” –Craig T. McNeely, The Pulp Chronicle

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