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The complete trilogy.
The complete trilogy.

It is my birthday and also Lori’s birthday and also America’s birthday and my chest is on fire and I am a coughing machine and we are watching War on Everyone on Netflix and less than one minute in we are already laughing and today I am twenty-four years old, which is not much different than twenty-three or twenty-five.

Here are where some things stand:

  • In December my new book—the hotel novel—was released by DarkFuse. Then, in June, DarkFuse decided they no longer wanted to publish eBooks and paperbacks and pulled most of their titles from distribution, including my book. For the time being, The Nightly Disease is out of print. I’ll eventually go through it again and rerelease it with bonus content but I am very lazy so I do not know when this will happen.
  • I am still fat and full of anxiety and very, very tired.
  • I wrote another novel titled Carnivorous Lunar Activities. It’s about a werewolf, maybe. So far it’s an orphan without a home. I don’t know what its future will hold.
  • I’m about 32k in a new novel currently titled The Evocation of Mother (at one point it was also titled Cirrhosis so who knows what the hell it’ll be called once I’m all done). I’m describing it as “Stranger Things plus The Texas Chain Saw Massacre“. Take that however you please.
  • I’m still releasing books through Perpetual Motion Machine and do not plan on stopping any time soon. The latest thing we put out was Gods on the Lam by Christopher David Rosales. You should buy it.
  • Dark Moon Digest continues taking up a lot of time and energy and money and we love it.
  • I’m still working at the hotel and every night I am terrified someone is going to murder me and every night I am terrified nobody is going to murder me.
  • I really liked Baby Driver.
  • I haven’t mentioned it on the blog since I suck at blogging but surely anybody who gives a shit is already aware that Lori and I are recording a bi-weekly Stephen King podcast called Castle Rock Radio. We have eight episodes already up, just search for it on your podcatcher.
  • My ambitions of owning an indie bookstore are beginning to become an obsession. I’ve even started researching buildings nearby available to rent. I do not have money for a bookstore. I am considering launching some kind of Kickstarter campaign for it but I don’t think it would be successful. I wish I was rich and I wish I was dead and I wish I was alive and I wish I could sleep sleep sleep.