• Max’s next novel, I Believe in Mister Bones, comes out this October from Apocalypse Party. It is described as “a harrowing exploration of indie horror publishing, internet curses, and the universal terror of the human skeleton.” Pre-orders will open soon. In the meantime, add it to your TBR on Goodreads. The cover, illustrated and designed by Trevor Henderson, was revealed by the publisher on April 4th. Check it out:
  • In addition to the GHOULISH podcast, Max has launched two new shows: Dog Ears, a podcast about publishing, writing, and dogs; and Decayed Tapes, a podcast about SOV horror movies they’re co-hosting with Miguel Myers. Listen to them wherever you download podcasts.
  • Max will be tabling as Ghoulish Books at the Tulsa Lit Fest small press fair on April 21st. Come say hi!
  • Max & Ghoulish are teaming up with Little Ghosts Books to create Ghoulish Ghosts, a spooky imprint of two publishers/bookstores. Their first title will feature two novellas collected together, J. Krawczyk’s Roots Run Deep and Max’s The Dillo. Pre-orders available HERE.
  • Max’s first three novels—Toxicity, The Mind is a Razorblade, and How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers—are back in print for the first time in years through Ghoulish Books. Signed book bundle available HERE.
  • The Last Haunt, a novella told in oral history format, is out now through Cemetery Gates Media. Signed copies available HERE.