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Four New Stories (Shadows Over Main Street, Tales From the Lake, Unnerving Magazine, Crime Syndicate)

This month has been hectic as hell. I’ve been reading submissions for my new anthology, Lost Films, putting the finishing touches on upcoming PMMP titles, and working on my next novel. The novel, currently titled Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them, just hit the 50k mark, which I think will end up being the halfway point for this particular book. It’s hard to tell when you don’t outline. I’m also shopping around my latest finished novel, Carnivorous Lunar Activities.

But also, I’ve had four new short stories published this month, and I’ve neglected to do my part promoting them. So I thought I’d make a quick blog post here and tell you a little about them.

First up, we have…

“Disintegration is Quite Painless” published in Shadows Over Main Street Vol. 2


Featuring stories by: Joyce Carol Oates, Gary A. Braunbeck, John F.D. Taff, Lucy A. Snyder, Joe R. Lansdale, Max Booth III, Jay Wilburn, Suzanne Madron, C.W. LaSart, Ronald Malfi, Eden Royce, Damien Angelica Walters, Douglas Wynne, Michael Wehunt, Erinn Kemper, James Chambers, and William Meikle. With a foreword by Laird Barron and stunning illustrations by Luke Spooner.

Check out Spooner’s kickass interior illustration for my story:



“Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale” published in Tales From the Lake Vol. 4


Featuring stories by: Jennifer Loring, Joe R. Lansdale, Kealan Patrick Burke, T. E. Grau, Damien Angelica Walters, Sheldon Higdon, Max Booth III, Bruce Golden, JG Faherty, Hunter Liguore, David Dunwoody, Timothy G. Arsenault, Maria Alexander, Timothy Johnson, Michael Bailey, E.E. King, Darren Speegle, Cynthia Ward, Michael Haynes, Leigh M. Lane, Mark Cassell, Del Howison, Gene O’ Neill, and Jeff Cercone.


“Boy Takes After His Mother” published in Unnerving Magazine Issue #4


Issue #4 of Unnerving Magazine is the biggest yet, loaded with monsters, devils, ghosts, the undead, rotten sons ‘o… and so much more. Gwendolyn Kiste offers up literary Halloween costume ideas while Stephen Graham Jones and Mark Allan Gunnells chat life’s most important holiday.


“Below the Angels” published in Crime Syndicate Issue #3

Issue Three Cover FINAL

Crime Syndicate Magazine is back with ten fantastic crime fiction short stories from some of the top crime writers on the market today. Guest-edited by Eryk Pruitt, this issue has a little something for everyone: Work out your drugged-out marital problems and feed your family from the East Texas countryside in Eryk Pruitt’s “The Deplorables. Find out if you’re being detained, and what depraved results the answer might hold in Kevin Z. Garvey’s “Good Cop Bad Cop.” Reach for the sky and fall through the floor in Max Booth III’s “Below the Angels.” Can you escape a schmuck’s fate in Dennis Day’s throwback historical noir story “Schmuck?” Help your new college bestie murder a New Orleans local “god” in Nina Mansfield’s “Gods and Virgins in the Big Easy.” Think twice before you front on an old schooler in S.A. Cosby’s “Slit the Belly.” Take in the beard cream smell while you take down some skinny jeans in Travis Richardson’s “Hipster Pantsin’.” Show off your new racist jail tat while you dredge up demons from the past in Paul Heatley’s “The Whitest Boy on the Block.” Get your trap music murder on in Allen Griffin’s “Dirty South of Heaven.” “Take down career criminals and the ghosts from your past in David A. Anthony’s “The Contractors.”