Schedule for Imaginarium

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On September 19-21 I’ll be in Louisville, KY, attending the Imaginarium convention. For the majority of the convention, I’ll be at the vendor table for my company, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. However, I will also be a panelist for three panels, so if you’re interested in witnessing me act like a complete jackass, here’s my panel schedule for Imaginarium:


Saturday 10:00 AM Writing Horror Without the Blood
Saturday 12:30 PM What Makes a Good Blog
Sunday 9:00 AM Crafting a Hero(ine)


Until then, go pre-order my new novel. If you pre-order the paperback, you will be sent the eBook IMMEDIATELY. Yes, you can start reading this book TODAY. So, maybe go do that?

The Rebirth of Christ in a High School Football Stadium

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Yesterday we attended my stepdaughter’s pep rally at her new high school. She’s in the marching band and will be cheering on the football games with her magical tuba.

Sitting in the stadium, watching the high school introduce each team (football, tennis, swimming, etc), I couldn’t help but feel increasingly uneasy at the amount of enthusiasm spilling from the crowd. Especially when the varsity football team came out on the field.

ES_The Gridiron Gang_9.19.08

Everybody stood and basically bowed to the team as they gathered. Maybe it’s because I never actually attended high school, but this kind of attitude weirded me the hell out. I had suddenly found myself in an episode of Friday Night Lights.

This town fucking worships high school football. They don’t just like it, they need it. High school football is their true religion. The field is their church. They believe in winners, baby. To lose or talk ill of the sport is a goddamn sin. I’m sure it doesn’t help that we live in Texas. Who are we kidding? Of course it doesn’t help that we live in Texas.

And then, after everybody had taken the field, they decided to play the school song. They also encouraged us all to stand and wave the school symbol. I managed to take a photo of people presenting this symbol, which I’ll show you below:

gun school

What the fuck?

I’m not sure how to process that, so I’m just going to selfishly link you to my new novel, which is now available to pre-order. Which you should do, because of reasons. Also, beware of brainspiders.

Pre-order HERE.

Are You Looking at Me?

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Writers should not have to tell you every time a character looks at something or somebody. If the writer is doing his or her job, then the “looking” will be obvious.

It’s okay to let the readers fill in some of the blanks. Books are not paintings. They are a whole different form of art.

With a book, you are not the only one controlling the paint brush. Not every character needs to be described from head-to-toe. The reader should be able to form his or her own opinion of the characters’ appearances based off of their actions and dialogue.

They don’t need to know every character description unless it’s important to the plot. They don’t need to know that the character is looking at the other character. Odds are, if they’re having a conversation, then they’re looking at each other.

If you treat your readers like idiots, they will know and lose interest in your work. Don’t hand-feed it all to them. Make them work for it.

Let them have some fun with it, because that’s what reading is supposed to be: fun. It shouldn’t feel like reading a technical manual. It shouldn’t feel like reading at all. 
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