Cover art by Matthew Revert
  • Publisher: Apocalypse Party
  • Publication Date: March 2023

Abnormal Statistics takes us on a desolate walking tour of the everyday American nightmare. Come see what’s happening behind the closed doors and shuttered windows of your neighbors, your best friends, the people you trust most. Bleak and bloody horror that’s as raw and immediate as a pile of yellowed teeth, roots and all.”
—​Trevor Henderson, creator of Siren Head

“A tightly written and devastating collection. Abnormal Statistics grabs the reader by the throat with each tale, from the stellar opener ‘Indiana Death Song’ to the harrowing ‘Video Nasties.’ Throughout the collection, Booth performs a sort of emotional autopsy that’s impossible to look away from, even as we’re handed our own viscera to hold. Horror, sorrow, fury and dark humor are woven throughout with an expert hand, and by the end, it hurt more of my feelings than I ever knew I possessed.” 
—​Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Below

Suburban decay, familial horror, bleak lullabies. Abnormal Statistics is the debut story collection from Max Booth III.  

Bad times are waiting for you.  

Featuring 10 reprints and 3 stories original to this collection (including a brand-new novella called “Indiana Death Song”).


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