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Roller Canary (Hard Sentences)

hardsentencesHard Sentences, an anthology consisting of crime fiction inspired by Alcatraz, is now available from Broken River Books. Edited by David James Keaton and Joe Clifford, this anthology includes short stories by folks like Nick Mamatas, Jedidiah Ayres, Matthew McBride, Nik Korpon, Gabino Iglesias, and many others. It also includes my story “Roller Canary”, which is about the infamous Birdman of Alcatraz.

Read Keaton’s hilarious introduction to the anthology over at LitReactor, then go pick yourself up a copy on Amazon.


DARK BITS – Now Available in eBook, Paperback, and Hardback

Apokrupha’s Dark Bits anthology (edited by Jacob Haddon) is now available in eBook, paperback, and hardback. This is an anthology consisting of 52 (+1) horror flash fictions. It includes my story, “The Child, Smiling”, along with many other wonderful authors. Check out the Table of Contents below!


1. In Country – Robert Ford

2. The Delivery – Kevin David Anderson

3. Mowed – Jessica McHugh

4. Fatty – Mandy DeGeit

5. Listening – Jeff Heimbuch

6. Locking Up – William Whorton

7. The Miracle – Michael H. Antonio

8. Unconditional – Michele Mixell

9. Confusion in Southern Illinois – Wesley Southard

10. Autumn as Metaphor – G.N. Braun

11. The Long Haul – Mary Pletsch

12. Photograph (V) – Die Booth

13. Crab Feast – Cynthia Ray

14. The Old House – Angela Pritchett

15. Disturbance – Darryl Dawson

16. Seeds – Guy Anthony De Marco

17. You Have to Bleed a Little – Robin Devereaux-Nelson

18. Shroud – Bryce Hughes

19. To Kill a Ghost – Johannes Pinter

20. The Ones That Shine – James Roy Daley

21. Their Favourite Thing – Rebecca L. Brown

22. The Lying Dead – Sheri White

23. The Prescription – Matthew Wilson

24. Messages – David Greske

25. Still Life – Apple Ardent Scott

26. He Knew – William Gracey

27. The Child, Smiling – Max Booth III

28. Senseless – Edd Vick

29. The Scream – Mark C. Scioneaux

30. AM Radio – Chantel Delulio

31. Flesh and Blood- Jeremy C. Shipp

32. Don’t Blink – David Bernstein

33. Lost and Found – Sandy Shelonchik

34. The Treatment – Tracy L. Carbone

35. A Straightforward Proceedure – Tina Rath

36. The Third Prisoner – James S. Dorr

37. That’s Show Business – Bruce Boston

38. Lost – Richard Farren Barber

39. The Worst Sound – William Meikle

40. The Visit – Robert Smales

41. Up – Cameron Suey

42. Broken Eggs – Jamie Lackey

43. Little Lies are Better – Randolph Andrews

44. Visitors – Kenneth W. Cain

45. The Linguist – Kallirroe Agelopoulou

46. Promise Kept – Meriah L. Crawford

47. A Taste of Darkness – Chantal Noordeloos

48. Change – Keith Armstrong

49. New Start – Kathryn Ptacek

50. Kwick Stop Jesus – Dane Hatchell

51. The Door – Stephanie Jessop

52. Smokes – Carson Buckingham

  • +1 Just A Dream – Kevin Lucia


Dark Bits is a collection of 52+1 horror flash fiction stories.  Short, but not sweet, they move quick to grab you. Got a minute? Go ahead, try one.

Zombies Need Love, Too (Call For Submissions)

Working Title: Zombies Need Love, Too

Edited by: Max Booth III

Contact info: storyslingersubmissions@gmail.com

This will be a zombie anthology about blood, guts and sex, with an introduction written by Scott S. Phillips of THE STINK OF FLESH fame. This is an anthology being put together by a couple of independent authors. We plan to submit the finished copy first to Dark Moon Books.

The present, very tentative title for it so far is “ZOMBIES NEED LOVE, TOO”, so what does that tell you? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ZOMBIE ROMANCE, or ZOMBIE LOVE, or HOT SEXY ZOMBIES ALL OVER THE PLACE CHECK IT OUT YOU GUYS?

Sexual content involving the undead is our main theme—however, this does not mean that you are to write a full on erotica story, because that is just weird. We want actual stories—NOT pornos. Also, your story doesn’t have to actually involve literal sex in it–zombies involving just love in general would be great submissions as well.

We would also like to make it clear that it doesn’t necessarily need to involve sex with the undead, just that we’re looking for stories involving sexually charged relationships, situations or overtones, but that also happen to involve zombies.

Except for erotica, any style of writing will be appropriate—ESPECIALLY humor. C’mon, it’s stories about zombie sex. How is that not funny?

And to answer some of your questions, yes, this concept is incredibly creepy and wrong on so many levels. However … actually, we don’t have any excuses. It is what it is.

Twenty years from now, will any of us be proud that we contributed to this book? Most definitely not. But that’s like, what, twenty years from now. Most of us will probably be dead by then.

Maximum word count is 5,000 words; although this is not very strict, anything over should be an exception and not the rule.

• DEADLINE: March 31st

• PAYMENT: Sadly, we can’t pay you, as we are just as poor as you are. However, everyone who is published in it will receive one complimentary copy.

Reprints ARE acceptable, as long as they are not currently available online.

• Multiple submissions are fine.

Submit to storyslingersubmissions@gmail.com