CARNIVOROUS LUNAR ACTIVITIES – Cover reveal, interviews, reviews, upcoming readings, etc

This month has seen many updates about my upcoming novel with FANGORIA, so I thought it’d be a good idea to do a post rounding up everything recently released.

First, in case you missed the news, FANGORIA will be releasing my new novel, Carnivorous Lunar Activities, on February 22. It’s a werewolf horror comedy about two childhood friends. Here’s the official market copy:

Ted and Justin were once best friends, but over the years they’ve seen less and less of each other. Now, something’s wrong with Justin. He can’t sleep, he can’t think straight, and he certainly can’t explain why he keeps waking up naked and covered in blood. Ted might be the only person who can save him– assuming he’s okay with shooting his childhood BFF with a silver bullet. But that’s what friends are for, right?

From Max Booth III and FANGORIA comes Carnivorous Lunar Activities― the ultimate werewolf bromance. It’s a toxic cocktail of An American Werewolf in London, Old School, and Bubba Ho-Tep that dives deep into the well of childhood nostalgia, blood soaked horror, and irredeemable dick jokes to bring readers a slice of Southern Fried horror that proudly wears its heart―not to mention a few other internal organs―on its sleeve.

Dread Central was kind enough to host a cover reveal. Read their post HERE, or just take a look at the cover below:

Carnivorous CoverThe artwork was created by the very talented Andy Sciazko, and the rest was designed by the awesome Ashley Detmering.

Here is an article I wrote for Ink Heist about the cover, which goes into detail about its inspiration and evolution from sketch to final design.

And here is the complete cover jacket…


I have been the subject of multiple interviews lately to promote the novel. Some of them via audio, a couple in video format, and of course some text-based ones. Let’s go ahead and get into them…


The novel has received two official reviews so far.

From Dead End Follies: “Carnivorous Lunar Activities features meat, toxic masculinity, precisely one werewolf and in good Boothian fashion, it’s like nothing I’ve ever read before.” [READ THE FULL REVIEW]

From The Scariest Things: “Booth III expertly plots the story with equal parts humor, gore and dick jokes. The style of dialogue between Justin and Teddy really resonated with me. I could hear their voices in my head as I got to know them and their sense of humor mirrors my own so the jokes really landed.  I found myself laughing out loud throughout the narrative and cringing at Booth’s graphic and gross description of the carnage.  Even with all the dead bodies piling up, at its heart this is a story of friendship and the lengths you may be asked to go for an old pal.” [READ THE FULL REVIEW]

The novel has also gotten some pleasant endorsements from other authors and editors who have read it:

“Booth’s book is a breakthrough, from the conceit to the delivery. It’s funny but mean, smart but smartass, and it just might be your favorite werewolf story in the world. Carnivorous Lunar Activities starts out like a play, Grand Guignol, a couple of very compelling characters locked in a helluva conversation, before transforming into a blood-bright explosion of horror joy. Fucked up love, fucked up friendship, and how maybe you shouldn’t live past the best night of your life. Oh, how I loved this book.” —Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box

“What I like about Max’s point of view is when he looks at something familiar – something you or I might have seen dozens of times and not give a second thought to – he comes up with a whole new way of seeing it, in the process causing you to reconsider your own perspective. That fresh pair of eyes is on grand display in Carnivorous Lunar Activities.” —Phil Nobile Jr., Editor-in-Chief of FANGORIA

“This book is a fucking blood-thirsty joy and if it’s not made into a movie in the next couple of years, I’ll eat my hat. Luckily, I don’t own any hats, but you get the idea. It’s about two friends. One happens to be chained to an anchor in his own basement – yes, an anchor – and he’s a werewolf. The other guy has got a whole other set of problems. There’s another Max walking around out there with the last name, but Max Booth is the literary inheritor of John Landis’s mantle and Carnivorous Lunar Activities could be the sequel to the comic-tragedy of An American Werewolf in London. This werewolf romp is a howling good time. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)” —John Hornor Jacobs, author of A Lush and Seething Hell

Carnivorous Lunar Activities is laugh-out-loud funny with dialogue that’ll make even the most seasoned writers jealous. Joe R. Lansdale meets An American Werewolf in London with a splash of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games. Carnivorous Lunar Activities is a must for all horror fans.” —Michael David Wilson, This is Horror Founder

“Fun and ridiculously propulsive, a chatty, earthy, lived-in horror for fans of Landis and Lansdale.” —Meredith Borders, Managing Editor of FANGORIA

There are multiple outlets available to pre-order Carnivorous Lunar Activities.

You can go through your local bookstore via Indiebound, you can hit up Barnes & Noble, or you can snag a copy via Amazon.

If you’re in Austin on February 19th, I will have copies for sale at Noir at the Bar at Radio Coffee and Beer. A buncha crime writers will be reading some groovy crime fiction, including myself, Harry Hunsicker, Mike McCrary, and more to be announced! [EVENT PAGE]

And, if you’re in Dallas on February 23rd, please come down to Deep Vellum Books, where I’ll be hosting an official book launch for CLA. I will be doing multiple readings here. There will also be a Q&A and book signing and probably other stuff? Look. It’s gonna be fun. I want to see you there. Please come. [EVENT PAGE]