TOXICITY: The Reviews (so far)

TOXICITY has been out a little over a month, and for the majority of that time the kindle price has been reduced from $4.99 to $2.99. Well, tomorrow (05/11/14) it will return to the regular price, so if you haven’t picked up an electronic copy yet, right now is the perfect time. And, of course, you can also pick up a paperback, which I personally prefer anyway. Especially with my book, since it’s matte, I could rub the front cover for hours (in a totally creepy way).


Anyway, here’s a snippet of some of the reviews so far…

“Toxicity is full of crazy intense violence, quirky characters, and a dark sense of humor that makes us temporarily forget the horrors that we are stuck in. As might be expected, everything culminates in an explosive finish, one that might not quite go the way you’d think it would. No character is safe from Booth’s madness as soon as heads start to roll, main character or not, which is something I heartily appreciate. The writing is smooth throughout, allowing the action to continue on full force from page one to the end, but still making room for inside jokes (from some characters names to the sudden appearance of a goat, there are quite a few fun nods along the way) and genre humor. Sure, there are a lot of characters to meet and get to know along the way, but this quickly becomes acceptable as we realize that this allows us even more fun at their expense. It’s interesting to see Booth take his usual horror approach and switch it around a bit to create a novel about crime, drugs, and family.” — Sean Leonard



“In TOXICITY, Max Booth burrows into a world of human stupidity and greed, and he does it in a way that entertains. He keeps his juggling act of tones and storylines going at a brisk pace, never allowing the novel to drag. There’s a good bit of effective humor. He connects his horrid view of the suburbs to a caustic look at family life and family ties, and one starts to feel as one tears through the pages that only the lucky will survive. Not everything in the book works; at times the depiction of people shades toward caricature (Johnny’s mother, for example), and perhaps Booth strains a bit too much to make certain characters gross or stupid (Addison’s stepfather, Maddox’s brother), providing them with nothing more than base or simplistic motivations. But these drawbacks, all things considered, are minor in the scheme of things. Taken as a whole, TOXICITY works. In a book with fireworks shooting off in many directions, the climax becomes extremely important: there had better be an ending that brings things together in a satisfactory way. Here, without question, there is. The final scenes of the book combine horror, frivolity, violence, and sweetness quite well. The authorial control is there. I had a fun time reading TOXICITY, and I’m curious to see what intoxicating mixture Max Booth will cook up next.” — Scott Alderberg



“Max’s Toxicity will make you laugh, cringe, and think ‘WTF, did I just read that?’, even as you blaze through page after page because you’ll want to know what happens next. Set in modern, gritty Chicago, this story’s violence contrasts with a troupe of immediately likable characters you wish you knew. Not that you’d loan them money or leave them in your car with the keys in the ignition, but you’ll enjoy spending time with them in this zany novel.”  — Tony Peak



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