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Contributor Copies of BLACK Have Arrived

Tonight when I got home, there was a huge box of books waiting on my porch. They were all copies of the same book, actually. A book that I wrote. A novella, if you want to get technical. A horror western novella about a gunslinger with immortality, if you want any more details, which I have to assume you do. It is called Black.




That’s a lot of books, huh? I bet you’re wondering what I’m going to do with them. Well, obviously I am going to get naked and roll around with them in bed. In fact, I’ve already done that! I even took a photo as proof.

Observe again!



Now, observe this dedication page!



Good, now lastly, observe my girlfriend’s child as HE observes my book.



Now maybe you ought to go buy the thing, considering I just showed you nude pics of me and all.