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The Adventures of Buttcrack and Ta’Bone (Review of THE PARTY LORDS)


The Party Lords

by Justin Grimbol

Grindhouse Press

October 2013; 86 pages

Paperback ($9.95); Kindle ($299)

This book is not for everybody. If you are easily offended by crude language and highly graphic sexual scenes, then this book might not be the best thing to pick up. However, fans of movies like SUPERBAD and HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, should give it a shot.

The story, at its core, is simple and one you’ve seen countless times before: there’s a big party going on hosted by the popular high school kids, and the misfits are given a chance to be cool and bring the booze. The misfits encounter a series of whacky and hilarious events as they attempt to get the alcohol. However, here’s where it is a bit different than your typical story: the main character, Buttcrack, is a 30 year old man who has never left high school, and his best friend is a lunatic pervert named Ta’Bone. On their adventures, Buttcrack and Ta’Bone encounter mutants and inbreds and misused turkey basters.

Justin Grimbol’s prose is very stripped down and easy to read. His characters are insane and surreal. They come off like the cartoon characters based off of kids I knew growing up.

This was a very quick read that I was unsure about going in, but I am glad I finished. Be warned that there are a lot of typos in this book; it could definitely use another edit, but there are some very funny scenes here that make up for it.

I recommend this book to anyone who–like me–has watched the movie SUPERBAD over a hundred times.