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Joining the Club (guest post by Johnny Worthen)

This morning author Johnny Worthen stops by on my blog to talk about the upcoming release of his debut novel, BEATRYSEL.

* * *

I’ve been writing my entire life, seriously for five years, exclusively for two. I am a full time author, which some might say means I’m unemployed. I might agree with them, but things are about to change.

BEATRYSEL, my debut, is hitting the bookshelves this week and I will now, finally, be able to look at my reflection in the bottom of my whiskey glass and say honestly, “there is an author.”

BEATRYSEL is a story of will become form and the power of love in all its dark facets. It is my will become form and it is finally gaining life.

It’s a dark tale, but it fills me with energy thinking about it because by it, I finally join the club. To quote the Dead, and what self-respecting horror writer wouldn’t, “what a long strange trip it’s been.”

I’m keeping my expectations in check. The truckload of money probably won’t show up for at least a couple days. It has to be loaded after all. I’m sure the Tonight Show is booked months ahead of time, and unless Conan has a cancellation, I probably won’t be appearing there until later next week.

It may take a fortnight for word to reach Stephen in Maine and J.K. in London but when it does, I’m sure they’ll invite me over.

I better practice my speech to Lucas letting him off easy. I’d rather have Spielberg but why make enemies? Guy Ritchie in a pinch. I have time to plan. It’s finally happening. I’m in the club now. I’m an author.

I just have to wait a little longer.

But I can handle it. I’ve waited this long.

And will can become form.


Check out BEATRYSEL, an occult thriller from Omnium Gatherum available September 12 from the god of all bookstores, Amazon.







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