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There are few sites I check multiple times a day for new content. BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. happens to be one that I do frequent. It’s a hilarious and entertaining space full of great reviews and editorial pieces. Seriously, if you’ve never visited it, please do. Explore the archives. The writing roster is unfuckingtouchable.

So imagine how excited I am to reveal that yesterday BMD interviewed me. Check it out when you get a chance. I think it turned out pretty okay.

Interview: Bizzong! Podcast

Oh hi there. A few weeks ago the wonderful Frank Edler interviewed me on his podcast, Bizzong! and it’s taken me until now to remember to post about it here. So…here it is.

I’m starting to embrace more podcasts despite my fear of speaking to people, which has a lot to do with my very obvious speech impediment (something you’ll pick up on immediately as you begin listening to the show).

But hey. The only way to beat these kinds of fears is to just stomp onward and not give a shit. So that’s what I’m doing. Not giving a shit about how I sound.

Word on the street is, I may even be in the process of beginning my own podcast, but if I said anything further there’s a good chance my co-host would strangle me.

Until then, check out my interview on Bizzong!

Interviewed on Bizarro Central



I was recently interviewed over on Bizarro Central for their new “Show Me Your Shelves” mini-series ran by the great Gabino Iglesias. He asks some questions and, as you can probably guess, I answer them. You’ve read interviews before. I also show off some groovy pics of my bookshelf and my melting Dali clock, plus my gorgeous fucking face.

So go check that thing out. And then pre-order Toxicity so these kids stop complaining about not having dinner.

Everyone Wants Me

I was interviewed by author Alan Dale over on his blog yesterday. He did a pretty nice job with what I gave him–you should all check it out. Whoever “you” might be. If I was to believe most pictures on the Internet, I would be left to assume that you are cats. I don’t exactly know what business cats have reading a Max Booth III interview, but what the hell, shine on you crazy cats, shine on.