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Now Available: The Horror Zine Fall Issue 2013

Just recently released is the Fall 2013 issue of THE HORROR ZINE, edited by the talented Jeani Rector. While I do not have any fiction in here, I do have three poems published inside–“Death Gaze”, “Little Match Girl” and “Surreal Spins Real”. Click here for the paperback and here for the kindle version.

“The Horror Zine is a great online magazine that recognizes good work by new and established writers. I think highly of it.” –Joe R. Lansdale

Check out the table of contents below to see what other awesome authors you can expect to find in this issue.


“Angel in the High Tower” by Shaun Meeks

“Utopia Dystopia” by Alex Zivko-Clark

“Double Play” by Glen Singer

“The Suicide Forest” by Joseph Rubas

“Night Thirst” by Liana Vrajitoru Andreasen

“The Snake” by Nick Harris

“Two Thousand Snakes” by Gary L. Robbe

“Devourers of Eternity” by Jeff Parsons

“Grave Consequences” by Jason Norton

“Last Call” by John B. Kachuba

“Skull Collection” by E.B. Hoight

“Reflected Doorways” by Philip M. Roberts

“The Frozen Mill Pond” by Tim Jeffreys


JG Faherty

Omar ZahZah

John T. Carney

Matthew Wilson

Dave Sciuto

Joe Meredith

Michael Pendragon

Erwan Atcheson

Ghia Vitale

Mathias Jansson

Nathan Robinson

Paul Eriaz

Max Booth III

Stephanie M. Wytovich


Cover artist: Alxperiment

Kelly N. Gin

Raechel Alexis Gasparac

Jay Allen Hansen

Farzad Golpayegani

Chris Burke

Heather Landry

John Richards