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“A Prescription to Shut the Fuck Up” to be Published in BIZARRO BIZARRO

Bizarro Pulp Press has announced they will be publishing my flash fiction story, “A Prescription to Shut the Fuck Up” in their upcoming anthology, BIZARRO BIZARRO. It is scheduled to be released this November, just in time for BizarroCon. And, yes, it is a bizarro collection, surprisingly enough.

What’s bizarro?

“To us, it’s intellectual and poetic freedom. It’s about exploring the limits of literature and creativity. It can be argued that many classics are bizarro: George Orwell’s Animal Farm has talking animals that take over a farm, and Kafka’s Metamorphosis features a suffering protagonist who has spontaneously become a cockroach. ”

— From the BPP website.

I know I like to boast, but let me tell you. This story is hands down the best thing I have ever written or will ever write in my life. I am retiring after this anthology is released.

Now take a look at this beautiful cover by Alan M Clark, and then take a peek at the table of contents below:

1.”Lucy in Brain Ceiling World” by Wol-Vriey

2. “The Satanic Little Toaster” by Jeff Burk

3. “A Smashed Up Salmon” by Robert Harris

4. “Night Butterfly” by Dustin Reade

5. Dawid Kain Dreamsource” by Dawid Kain

6. “Mr. Happy Head” by James Dorr

7. “Ugly Shirt’s Quest” by Alan M. Clark and Kevin Ward

8. “Fuck Your Death, Keep Working” by Edmund Colell

9. “Pixelated Nostalgia” by Robert Harris

10. “Dope-elganger” by Sean Leonard

11. “Body Snatcher’s Remorse” by Emily Hundrwadel

12. “Four Dreams in Miniature” by Bruce Taylor

13. “Not About Mrs. Maridu” by Alan M. Clark and Randy Fox

14. “Sitcom Hell” by Daniel Gonzales

15. “Shoes” by Aaron French

16. “A Prescription to Shut the Fuck Up” by Max Booth III

17. “The Swamp of Girders and Chains” by Vincenzo Bilof

18. “Pussy Apocalypse” by P. A. Douglas

19. “The Monster, the Man, the Building, the Bomb” by Danger_Slater

20. “Vagalyn’s Flying Head” by MP Johnson

21. “Moon Love” by Todd Nelson

22. “Wildberry Christ” by Ethan C. Evans and Daniel J. Pendergraft

23. “Toy Soldiers” by Jan Maszczycsn

24. “The Pitfalls of Modern Gardening” by G. Arthur Brown

25. “Sleep and the End” by Craig Saunders

26. “Plaything” by Meghan Arcuri

27. “Civics of Consequence” by Michael A. Rose

28. “Big Bang” by Christopher T. Dabrowski

29. “Forget Me Not, Filet Mignon” by Andrew Adams

30 “The Colony” by William Cook

31. “Schluck” by Robert Harris

32. “All His First Born” by Alan M. Clark and David Conover

33. “Refugees from the Future” by Tony Rauch

34. “As One” by James Reith

35. “Looking for Gloria” by Gabino Iglesias

36. “A Path for the New Bride” by Nick Cato