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Chiral Mad 2 to publish “Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy”

Michael Bailey of Written Backwards has accepted my story, “Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy” for his newest psychological horror anthology, Chiral Mad 2. All proceeds will go toward benefiting Down’s Syndrome charities.

“Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy” details the aftermath of a horrific school shooting from multiple points of views of those affected. It will join eight other already announced authors, including Gene O’Neill, Gary McMahon, Erik T. Johnson, Andrew Hook, Ramsey Campbell, Mort Castle, David Morrell, Jack Ketchum, and John Skipp, with more to be announced in the future.

Here is what the editor, Michael Bailey, had to say about the news on Facebook:

Max Booth III submitted a story called “Flowers Blooming in the Season of Atrophy,” which I can’t get out of my head. It’s been stuck there for a while. So, it’s going in the book. Welcome to Chiral Mad 2! The anthology will most likely lead with 1. Jack Ketchum, 2. Max Booth III, 3. Mort Castle

That’s right. I will be following an original Jack Ketchum story. I will be the delicious, juicy meat in a Jack Ketchum, Max Booth III, and Mort Castle sandwich.

I am having a hard time picturing a bigger honor right now, to be honest. Stay tuned for further updates.