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Join me in New Orleans at the World Horror Convention

So, a few people have let it slip already, so I am gonna go ahead and announce it as well. I will be a panelist at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans this year (June 13-16). I have gone my entire life successfully avoiding any sort of public speaking or even acknowledging other human beings, for that matter, so this will be very interesting. The panel in question will be about small press publishing. Seeing as I own my own small press, I do have quite a few things I’d like to discuss. Originally, I was scheduled to be on the Sexiest Writers Alive panel, but that was ultimately cut out of the convention for unknown reasons.


More details:



Royal Room, Sunday 11am-Noon

We talk about the many small presses, what to look out for, how to find the right one for your writing and career endeavors, and so much more

Moderator: Charles Day

Panelists: Kim Richards, Max Booth III, Mark C. Scioneaux and Pete Giglio.


For more insight, Charles and Pete are the masterminds behind Evil Jester Press, Kim is the co-founder of Damnation Books, Mark is the co-founder of Nightscape Press, and Max (hey, that’s me!) is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.


See you all there.