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American Nightmare, an anthology of 1950s horror, is now available for purchase. It features my short story, “All the Beautiful Marilyns”. With the stories involved, the creative interior design work, and the absolutely stunning front cover by George Cotronis, this anthology is a must-read.

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American Nightmare includes the following stories:

  1. “Grandma Elspeth’s Enchiridion for Domestic Harmony” – Rachel Anding
  2. “In the Blood” – Mark W. Coulter
  3. “Chiaroscuro” – Dino Parenti
  4. “Bow Creek” – Raymond Little
  5. “Glow” – Adrean Messmer
  6. “Lucy’s Lips” – Madeleine Swann
  7. “Pear People from Planet 13” – MP Johnson
  8. “Ghost Girl, Zombie Boy and the Count” – Chris Thorndycroft
  9. “The Two Monsters of Levittown” – T. Fox Dunham
  10. “Double Feature” – Neal Litherland
  11. “The Black Pharaoh of Hollywood” – Ian Welke
  12. “The King” – W. P. Johnson
  13. “A Night to Remember” – Tim Marquitz
  14. “All the Beautiful Marilyns” – Max Booth III

You can purchase American Nightmare in paperback, kindle, and nook. I definitely recommend the paperback edition if you can swing it, as the interior designing is something you don’t want to miss. Check out what the beginning of my story looks like:

interior an

American Nightmare was published by Kraken Press, who will also be publishing my second novel, The Mind is a Razorblade, later this year. They are good people and definitely know what they’re doing. To stay up to date on Razorblade’s status (along with my other writing news), you ought to subscribe to my newsletter. And if you haven’t bought my novel that is already out, then shame on you.