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Free Clothes

On facebook, I talk a little bit too much about working at a hotel overnight. So I guess I’ll start posting this stuff on the blog. I’m not putting anything else on here, anyway, so why not?



An older woman walks up to me at the hotel as I am setting up breakfast, leans in real close, and whispers, “Where do you keep your extra clothes?”

“Excuse me?”

“Your clothes. I need a few t-shirts, maybe a sports jacket. Where do you keep the clothes? These guys [referring to her two, middle aged sons] look just terrible and I can’t stand it.”

“I.. I don’t have any extra clothes.”

“No, I mean, you know, the extra clothes that guests donate to the hotel. Sports jackets and the ties.”

“We don’t … have that?”

“Are you sure?”


“Ugh, fine. I’ll just go drink water.”