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Is This Horror? This Is! This IS Horror!


Michael David Wilson is a madman. The fact that he uses his middle name should have been your first indication. Typically only serial killers use all three names. But Michael isn’t a serial killer. At least we assume he isn’t. He might be, but I doubt it. Regardless, he is a bit crazy. You see, every month the editors at LitReactor email the staff (which includes Michael and myself) asking for article pitches. This month, Michael decided to pitch the following:

“I can write ‘How I Doubled My Patreon Support in 30 Days‘ provided you tell me ASAP you’re commissioning it and give me at least thirty days to write it—it’s going to be a pretty experimental column.”

And of course the editors accepted the pitch. So now he has 30 days to double his Patreon, which sounds fucking crazy, but hey, “Crazy” is Michael’s middle name. Okay, well actually, it’s “David”, but you get what I’m saying. Dude’s bonkers.

In case you live under a rock, Michael is the mastermind behind the horror platform, This is Horror. It’s a podcast, review sanctuary, blog, merch shop, publishing house…and probably other, more illegal things I don’t yet know about. It’s one of the best damn podcasts around, if I’m being honest. I’m already a supporter of This is Horror’s Patreon account, and I highly encourage you to do the same.

This is Horror is dedicated to supporting the genre. It’s keeping us alive. We owe it to them to pay them back. Hell, I’ve even been on the show, but don’t let that talk you out of supporting the cause, because so has Stephen Graham Jones, Paul Tremblay, Josh Malerman, and many other much more talented folks.

There’s a lot of great perks that come with supporting this Patreon, too. Head on over to their page to check them out, and consider sharing the link on your own social media accounts once you click that big, orange “Become a patron” button.

Their goal is either 78 patrons or $390.