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Breaking News: Robert Shane Wilson Watches THE SHINING (1980)

Earlier tonight, Robert Shane Wilson of Nightscape Press¬†sat down with his wife and watched Stanley Kubrick’s film, The Shining.

The Facebook community awaited Wilson’s response for hours. Literally nothing could be accomplished until he made his opinion clear. Dishes went unclean, children went unattended, pizza went uneaten. It was complete chaos.

Finally, around 12:30 (central time), Wilson logged onto Facebook and posted the following status*: “Jesus Christ… I couldn’t have made a better film if my life depended on it. That was, hands down, the greatest piece of cinema I’ve ever experienced. Favorite movie of all time.”

Afterward, many Facebook friends questioned how many movies he’s actually seen, and hinted that perhaps he may be exaggerating. Wilson responded by threatening to “knife anyone who disagreed”.

A few other commenters suggested he pick up the novelization author Stephen King penned to promote the film’s release. They claimed that it was interesting how much King went off the rails with his own adaptation. Curiously enough, it is also reported that King¬† just released a sequel to his original novelization. Apparently it follows the events in Kubrick’s other masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange. No word has yet been given whether or not King actually had permission to publish this work.

Wilson responded to this suggestion with, “I don’t read books. Books read me.”

Nobody is still quite sure what that means. So please stay tuned for further updates on this truly inspiring story.



*status may be product of blogger’s imagination