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Horror Western Novella, BLACK, Featured on GREAT JONES STREET

Eryk Pruitt has taken over Great Jones Street this week and he’s chosen my horror western novella, BLACK, as the story-of-the-day. You can read it in full HERE. Also, look at this artwork. Oh my god.


Someone sold Charlie Lansdale’s soul to the devil. Now he lives a life of crime and tragedy he’ll never escape, much like the jail cell of the small Texas town in which he sits when Hell comes to collect. Outside is a chaotic horror show, and there’s nothing Charlie nor Marshal Ray Bennett can do about it.

It’s kind of an older story, so it’s a bit rough, but I still think it’s pretty good. I’ve been toying with the idea of rewriting it into a full-length novel, actually, so this comes at a nice time. BLACK was originally published in an anthology called WELCOME TO HELL then was later reissued as a standalone through Hazardous Press (which has, of course, gone under). What do you think? Interested in reading a novel version of this story? Let me know!

Also, if you haven’t already ordered Eryk Pruit’s new novel, what are you waiting for?

Hazardous Press to Publish BLACK (a novella)



I have sold my horror western novella, BLACK, to Hazardous Press. It will be released this October!

BLACK was previously published in the anthology, WELCOME TO HELL (edited by Eric S Brown), and my personal story collection, TRUE STORIES TOLD BY A LIAR, and it has now been revived and expanded to be printed solo. Joe McKinney will also interview me about zombies and the interview will be collected in the back of the novella as “bonus content”.

Thanks to Robert Helmbrecht for taking a liking to this story and believing in it enough to publish it. It’s one of my favorite stories and I can’t wait to share it with a wider audience.

The cover was, of course, designed by the always wonderful Matthew Revert.