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Two years ago, I lived in Indiana. Two years ago, I was unpublished. Two years ago, I was nothing.


Today, I live in Texas. Today, I have over 20 short stories published. I have one book already out with Numen Books (True Stories Told by a Liar), and another scheduled to be released this June with Dark Moon Books (They Might Be Demons).


Yesterday, I had a third book set to be published in 2013, with Rainstorm Press.


Today, I’ve requested from the publisher to drop my contract, and the publisher obliged.


Today, I’ve realized I don’t have to settle for anybody who will publish me. Today, I know that my words deserve better.


Today, I am re-reading my novel, Black Cadillacs, and researching more publishers.


Today I am understanding that this novel is special, that it should be read by the world. That I won’t settle for anybody.


Today, I am editing stories for a respected quarterly horror magazine. Today, I am putting together the final touches of a new online/print magazine that is going to blow people away, a magazine that I’ve co-founded with a really awesome editor, writer and friend. A magazine that 200 people are interested in already, and we haven’t even given them the website yet.


Today, I am welcoming new members to the Horror Writers Association. Today, I am helping put together a new, professional horror poetry newsletter for the HWA. Today, I am outlining what I want to discuss as a goddamn panelist at the World Horror Convention.


Today, I am marketing and editing books that I am publishing. That people have submitted to the company  I own, fully trusting in my abilities. I will not let them down. Their words will be read, just as my words will be read. The standard I give to my writers is the standard I should expect from my future publisher.


Today, I am signing a check that will serve as a book advance for a future author of my company. An author with writing credits on HBO’s The Wire. I am sending this to him. Me. And he is giving us a book. From The fucking Wire. This is actually happening. And it is amazing.


Today, I am writing. I am editing. I am reading. I am marketing. I am socializing. I am taking care of children. I am supporting a woman I love.


And it is only 12:30 in the afternoon.


Today I am living in the Age of Opportunity. This is an age we all live in. If you aren’t taking advantage of it, if you aren’t living it to the fullest extent that you mentally and physically can, then I want you to smack yourself in the face.


This is the time.


Right now.