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Five-Finger Discount for They Might Be Demons (Oct 7-Oct 11)

Today, my bizarro flash fiction collection, THEY MIGHT BE DEMONS, is free on Amazon. The giveaway lasts all week, so make sure to share the earth-shattering news to all your friends and enemies. If you like pages with comprehensible words scattered across them, then this book is probably not for you. However, if you’re after an antidote to that “ice tea” you just drank, then I would definitely advise getting yourself a copy ASAP.


Now Available: Dark Moon Digest Young Adult Issue #1

Dark Moon Digest has started a new Young Adult edition, and its first issue was just released on Amazon. It has my story “Super” in it, along with many other authors who are a thousand times more respected than I am, such as Jonathan Maberry and Joe McKinney. Buy it here.


“Among Men” by Joe McKinney

“Are the Stars Out Tonight?” by Nancy Holder

“Creepy Town” by C.W. LaSart

“Cyclops” by James S. Dorr

“Deadly Thin Ice” by Dawn Napier

“Franklinstein” by John Peel

“Lonely Is The Mothman” by JG Faherty

“Mounting Fairies for Display” by Kevin David Anderson

“Overdue Books” by Jonathan Maberry

“Rotten Inside” by Kimberly Yerina

“Scratch” by Jeff Szpirglas

“Smothered” by Sarah Ahiers

“Super” by Max Booth III

“The Nightmare Project” by Stacy Turner

“The Rainbow Coat” by P.B. Kane

They Might Be Demons is Available Right Now

My second book, a collection of bizarro flash fiction, is now available on Amazon in paperback from Dark Moon Books. Kindle version is also on its way, so stay tuned. In the mean time . . . GET SOME.

No one likes tourists, especially when tourists are demons from the underworld with a penchant for torturing and killing all humans.When people say, “All hell broke loose”, they probably weren’t talking about They Might Be Demons. Although Hell doesn’t exactly “break loose” in this book, it does take a little vacation. Destination? Earth. And while that may sound like a bummer as it is, just wait until you discover they’ve chosen YOUR town as the primary get-together spot. Oh crap, SPOILER ALERT!

Sorry for ruining the big surprise. But yeah, you’re pretty much boned.

Have fun!


“Max Booth III is a star on the rise!”
–Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker award-winning author of FLESH EATERS

“Unsettling, disorienting, and horrific.”
–Richard Thomas, author of STARING INTO THE ABYSS

“Max Booth III writes with a level of skill that is rare in this day and age. His words rip the emotions screaming for your soul.”
–Eric S Brown, author of BIGFOOT WAR

“Max Booth III has a fresh and wild voice, and he shakes life into a genre that can be stagnant and stale. Watch him. He’s coming for your ass.”
–T. Fox Dunham, author of THE STREET MARTYR

“If Max Booth III has a single voice, it is schizophrenic and his madness is our reward.”
–Jay Wilburn, author of TIME EATERS

“Max Booth III writes like the love child of Stephen King and Terry Pratchett-a love child who may have played with Albert Fish growing up.”
–Araminta Star Matthews, author of BLIND HUNGER

“One of the best storytellers I have ever read.”
–Lori Michelle, author of DUAL HARVEST

“I look forward to following this author as he progresses through his career.”
–Mark C. Scioneaux, co-editor of HORROR FOR GOOD

“Mr. Booth is the real deal.”
–Stan Swanson, co-author of WRITE OF THE LIVING DEAD



Two years ago, I lived in Indiana. Two years ago, I was unpublished. Two years ago, I was nothing.


Today, I live in Texas. Today, I have over 20 short stories published. I have one book already out with Numen Books (True Stories Told by a Liar), and another scheduled to be released this June with Dark Moon Books (They Might Be Demons).


Yesterday, I had a third book set to be published in 2013, with Rainstorm Press.


Today, I’ve requested from the publisher to drop my contract, and the publisher obliged.


Today, I’ve realized I don’t have to settle for anybody who will publish me. Today, I know that my words deserve better.


Today, I am re-reading my novel, Black Cadillacs, and researching more publishers.


Today I am understanding that this novel is special, that it should be read by the world. That I won’t settle for anybody.


Today, I am editing stories for a respected quarterly horror magazine. Today, I am putting together the final touches of a new online/print magazine that is going to blow people away, a magazine that I’ve co-founded with a really awesome editor, writer and friend. A magazine that 200 people are interested in already, and we haven’t even given them the website yet.


Today, I am welcoming new members to the Horror Writers Association. Today, I am helping put together a new, professional horror poetry newsletter for the HWA. Today, I am outlining what I want to discuss as a goddamn panelist at the World Horror Convention.


Today, I am marketing and editing books that I am publishing. That people have submitted to the company  I own, fully trusting in my abilities. I will not let them down. Their words will be read, just as my words will be read. The standard I give to my writers is the standard I should expect from my future publisher.


Today, I am signing a check that will serve as a book advance for a future author of my company. An author with writing credits on HBO’s The Wire. I am sending this to him. Me. And he is giving us a book. From The fucking Wire. This is actually happening. And it is amazing.


Today, I am writing. I am editing. I am reading. I am marketing. I am socializing. I am taking care of children. I am supporting a woman I love.


And it is only 12:30 in the afternoon.


Today I am living in the Age of Opportunity. This is an age we all live in. If you aren’t taking advantage of it, if you aren’t living it to the fullest extent that you mentally and physically can, then I want you to smack yourself in the face.


This is the time.


Right now.


Zombies Need Love, Too Is Now Available


In August 2011, I created a FaceBook group to discuss the possibilities of an anthology featuring “love among zombies” as the central theme to each story. The idea came to fruition after Jay Wilburn, someone I barely knew at the time (he is now one of my best friends in the writing industry–go figure), casually remarked that he was currently working on a zombie book that would cover some taboo areas. Obviously I accused him of writing about zombies shagging. I mean, what else could I say, right? This, of course, sparked much musing between a few of us (myself, Jay, Jennifer Word, Craig Garrett, and Axel Howerton), who began to seriously debate setting up such an anthology. Slowly we began to think of guidelines and invite friends to submit to this crazy, whackjob of a book. And what do you know? We actually got some really friggin’ good stories in.

This was in August 2011. A lot has happened since then. Zombies Need Love, Too has been in developmental hell of the worst sort. It has gone through four different cover artists. Four! There came a point when I thought I’d never find the right art. Then I came upon the absolutely wonderful April Guadiana, and she salvaged the project with her crazy drawings. Seriously. Look at this cover. It is the only art I could ever have imagined being appropriate for this nutty anthology of zombie love.


Makes you want to just whip your cash at me, doesn’t it? Of course it does! Whip away! Whip away!

Let’s be real here, though. This book exists not because of myself, but because of the extremely talented authors and artists who helped craft this thing together. I started this book a long time ago, when I was very new to the business and wasn’t exactly sure what the hell I was doing. You all took a chance with me, and I will forever appreciate this. I love you all. You fucking rock my stripey socks off. The lot of you.


oh dear lord help me…


In Which I Take Over the HWA Blog and Pimp Zombie Jesus

So in case you didn’t know, I recently edited an anthology for Dark Moon Books called Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories. It comes out in just over a week. To promote it I wrote a guest post on the Horror Writers Association blog today; in this post you’ll find out how to win a free, signed copy of this book. So, ya know, maybe check it out.

Also, for another chance to win a free copy, go over to the promo blog I’ve been running and leave a comment on literally any post to be entered in the drawing. Or, you could just preorder the book right now and receive a free poster of the book cover. Which I’m sure you’ll be convinced to do once you lay eyes on this beautiful bastard below:

Updates (01/21/12)

First, in case you missed it, I got the pleasure to interview Cracked.com columnist, John Cheese, on the DMD blog a few weeks back. If you haven’t been following his column, then you’re truly missing out. Click here for the interview.

Secondly, I am currently editing an upcoming anthology for Dark Moon Books called Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories. The theme is alternate history horror, and yes, it is a paying market ($20 and a contributor’s copy). Click here for the rest of the information. It will be the first of three planned anthologies of 2012 that I will be editing along with writers Stan Swanson and Lori Michelle. Calls for submissions for the other two will be announced soon.

I’ve been working on writing The Ultimate Survival for Humanity: How To Survive Attacks From Zombies, Vampires, Ex-Lovers & Other Scary Things as of late, and it is coming together nicely. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is a book I am co-authoring with Stan Swanson that will surely rock your socks off; it is scheduled to be published Summer 2012 by Dark Moon Books, so I am really kicking my ass to get this finished. Not to mention that at the moment I am also in the middle of writing a novel (about 25,000 words in it so far), a graphic novel, and a book of flash fiction. And other projects as they come up, I’m sure.

Hopefully the writing doesn’t get put too much on the backburner seeing as I was just hired full-time over at everyone’s favorite store, Walmart, as an overnight stocker. I doubt it does; actually, I think it will probably get me writing even more. It seems that the more free time someone has, the less productive they end up being. So this will be a good thing all around (especially the whole actually having money factor).

2012 is looking like a great year for writing, too. I already have three accepted tales so far, and that’s half of the number of acceptances I got last year, so yeah, things are definitely looking up. The three accepted tales being in the upcoming Dark Moon Digest Issue Number 7, an unnamed horror western anthology edited by Eric S. Brown, and the charity flash fiction book, Slices of Flesh, which also will be featuring perhaps one of the best horror writers in the game today, Jack Ketchum.

So that’s what’s going on there.

Now to end this post on a creepy note.

Today myself and the aforementioned Lori Michelle were visiting a flea market. Nothing unusual about that, people visit flea markets all the time, right? Of course they do. I even managed to get a sweet ass 1941 first printing of a Robert Louis Stevenson collection.



But then we found the heads.

The baby heads.








Sweet screams.


Dark Moon Digest Issue 6

Issue six of the digest is now out, and I even have a story in it this time. Check it out, it’s called “The Bag, the Darkness” and it’ll most likely make you even more afraid of the homeless than you undoubtedly already are. Other stories in this issue by authors Lori Michelle, Nicholas Keller, C.L. Raven, Sarah Ahiers, L.S. Murphy, and many more. So stop reading this page and fucking buy it already. Thanks xoxo