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Zombies Need Love, Too Is Now Available


In August 2011, I created a FaceBook group to discuss the possibilities of an anthology featuring “love among zombies” as the central theme to each story. The idea came to fruition after Jay Wilburn, someone I barely knew at the time (he is now one of my best friends in the writing industry–go figure), casually remarked that he was currently working on a zombie book that would cover some taboo areas. Obviously I accused him of writing about zombies shagging. I mean, what else could I say, right? This, of course, sparked much musing between a few of us (myself, Jay, Jennifer Word, Craig Garrett, and Axel Howerton), who began to seriously debate setting up such an anthology. Slowly we began to think of guidelines and invite friends to submit to this crazy, whackjob of a book. And what do you know? We actually got some really friggin’ good stories in.

This was in August 2011. A lot has happened since then. Zombies Need Love, Too has been in developmental hell of the worst sort. It has gone through four different cover artists. Four! There came a point when I thought I’d never find the right art. Then I came upon the absolutely wonderful April Guadiana, and she salvaged the project with her crazy drawings. Seriously. Look at this cover. It is the only art I could ever have imagined being appropriate for this nutty anthology of zombie love.


Makes you want to just whip your cash at me, doesn’t it? Of course it does! Whip away! Whip away!

Let’s be real here, though. This book exists not because of myself, but because of the extremely talented authors and artists who helped craft this thing together. I started this book a long time ago, when I was very new to the business and wasn’t exactly sure what the hell I was doing. You all took a chance with me, and I will forever appreciate this. I love you all. You fucking rock my stripey socks off. The lot of you.


oh dear lord help me…