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Now Available: Dark Moon Digest Young Adult Issue #1

Dark Moon Digest has started a new Young Adult edition, and its first issue was just released on Amazon. It has my story “Super” in it, along with many other authors who are a thousand times more respected than I am, such as Jonathan Maberry and Joe McKinney. Buy it here.


“Among Men” by Joe McKinney

“Are the Stars Out Tonight?” by Nancy Holder

“Creepy Town” by C.W. LaSart

“Cyclops” by James S. Dorr

“Deadly Thin Ice” by Dawn Napier

“Franklinstein” by John Peel

“Lonely Is The Mothman” by JG Faherty

“Mounting Fairies for Display” by Kevin David Anderson

“Overdue Books” by Jonathan Maberry

“Rotten Inside” by Kimberly Yerina

“Scratch” by Jeff Szpirglas

“Smothered” by Sarah Ahiers

“Super” by Max Booth III

“The Nightmare Project” by Stacy Turner

“The Rainbow Coat” by P.B. Kane