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Blood Dust

Chiral Mad 3 is now available as an ebook, paperback, and limited edition signed hardback. Edited by Michael Bailey, this anthology includes what I consider to be my best short story (so far): “Blood Dust”. It’s about dogs that eat trash. Other things happen, too. I think. I don’t know, it’s been a while since I wrote it.

But I can say it was directly inspired by a Modest Mouse song called “Wild Pack of Family Dogs”. I recommend listening to the song before and after reading the story.

If you wanted a signed hardback, looks like there’s only 13 left. After that, you’re out of luck. Get one here. You can also buy an ebook or paperback from the same link. Or you can shop on Amazon, if you’re one of those…types.

Here’s a photo of my contributor copy, along with a print of Glen Chadbourne’s beautiful illustration that accompanies my story.

chiral mad 3

Also included in this massive, glorious anthology:

Introduction: Observations on Horror Burnout – Chuck Palahniuk

01. The Poetry of Life – Richard Chizmar
02. The Last Rung on the Ladder – Stephen King
03. A Rift in Reflection – Hal Bodner
04. Windows, Mirrors, Doors – Jason V Brock
05. Prayer – Mort Castle
06. The Agonizing Guilt of Relief (Last Days of a Ready-Made Victim) – Paul Michael Anderson
07. The Black Crow of Boddinstraße – Emily B. Cataneo
08. A Flash of Red – Erinn L. Kemper
09. Red Runner vs. The Surgeon, Issue 18 – Jessica May Lin
10. The Dead Collection – Mercedes M. Yardley
11. Watch Me – Meghan Arcuri
12. The Bigger Bedroom – Josh Malerman
13. That Perilous Stuff – Scott Edelman
14. Know Your Code – Ramsey Campbell
15. 3-Dot People – Gene O’Neill
16. Silver Thread, Hammer Ring – Gary A. Braunbeck
17. Those Who Watch From on High – Eric J. Guignard
18. Blood Dust – Max Booth III
19. The Offering on the Hill – Richard Thomas
20. The Whipping Girls – Damien Angelica Walters
21. Seconds – Jack Ketchum

01. Fair – P. Gardner Goldsmith
02. Fail-Safe – Jonathan Balog
03. Folie à Deux – Sydney Leigh
04. Reflecting on Reflections – Bruce Boston
05. Mirror Image – Marge Simon
06. Black River #1 – Elizabeth Massie
07. Prescience – Rose Blackthorn
08. The Speed of Sound – Ciarán Parkes
09. Welcome Home, Darling – Stephanie M. Wytovich
10. Whisper #1 (A Warning) – Erik T. Johnson
11. Whisper #2 (A Prophecy) – Erik T. Johnson
12. Put Me to Dream – Stephanie M. Wytovich
13. Recognizing Trees – Ciarán Parkes
14. Arbitration – Rose Blackthorn
15. Black River #2 – Elizabeth Massie
16. Reflections Through the Raven’s Eye – Marge Simon
17. Beyond Symmetry – Bruce Boston
18. Folie à Plusieurs – Sydney Leigh
19. Insomnia in Reverse – Jonathan Balog
20. Promise – P. Gardner Goldsmith


New Hotel Horror Story: “Darling”

My short story “Darling” is now available in Gothic Blue Book V: The Cursed Edition. It is about a night auditor who takes a sudden liking to one of his new guests. It’s a good mix of Gothic and body horror.


Also included in the anthology are the following wonderful people:

Thanks to Christian A. Larsen for compiling all those author links on his own blog post, which I shamelessly stole.

Buy the paperback HERE or purchase the kindle HERE.

Now Available: Sex, Drugs & Horror

Just released from James Ward Kirk Fiction is the anthology, SEX, DRUGS & HORROR, featuring my short story, “Sex Demon From Hell”. The book is described as thus: “Sex, Drugs & Horror is an all-out assault on the senses. Everything—from Splatterpunk to Horror Erotica will find a home here. This one is not for the squeamish or prudish. Filled with chills and thrills, this anthology will not disappoint!” I am honored to share a ToC with some familiar faces in the horror field. You can buy this now for paperback here. Check out below for the table of contents.

Introduction by J. Daniel Stone
“Red in the Hood” by Timothy Frasier
“The Witches” by Roger Cowin
3 Love Poems by Roger Cowin
“Love is a Gun” by Roger Cowin
“My Sweet” by Mathias Jansson
“Brothel of hell” by Mathias Jansson
“Flesh, Blood, and Bones” by Shawna Bernard
“Dentist” by Shawna Bernard
“Nightwing” by Shawna Bernard
“She” by Selene MacLeod
“Corpus Delectable” by Sydney Leigh
“Fair Play” by Brigitte Kephart
“Chalk” by K. Trap Jones
“Skin Flick” by Ken Goldman
“Happy as Cotton Candy” by William J Fedigan
“Sex Demon from Hell” by Max Booth III
“Smoke and Mirrors” by J. Daniel Stone
“My Dead Celebrity” by Shaun Avery
“Blood Soaked” by Jason Hughes
“Necessary Cold Ruthlessness” by Timothy Frasier
“Diagra” by Simon Critchell
“Senhpi ez hrl Dmajld (Coitus of the Damned)” by Christian Riley
“Just Take It” by Robert Holt
“Sunset Lake” by David Price
“Ashtray Kiss ” by Michael Lindquist
“Doing it for JRD (Justice, Revenge and Deliverance)” by David Eccles
“A Brief Held Beauty” by B.T. Joy
“Head Blown Out” by David L Tamarin
“Old Tricks” by Michael Zunenshine
“Sinister Desires” by Michael Randolph

Now Available: SHIFTERS!

Shifters: a Charity Anthology from Hazardous Press has just been released in both paperback and kindle. It features cover art by Glenn Chadbourne, back cover art by Diana Whiley, interior illustrations by Kris Freestone and Leia Napier. All  proceeds from this anthology will benefit the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue Team, which provides disaster response services for pets and domestic animals.

My story, “I’ll Be a Good Boy”, can be found inside, along with many other wonderful writers. Check out below for the full ToC.

“El Diablo de Punta Obispo” by Aaron Gudmunson

“16B” by David Wellington

“The First” by Kris Freestone

“These Parts” by Beryl Knight

“Cruel Moon” by D. Alexander Ward

“Out with a Whimper” by Doug Murano

“A Small Matter of Transmutation” by Adam Millard

“For Your Own Good” by Lisamarie Lamb

“Thicker than Water” by Steve Voelker

“Prey” by Jay Wilburn

“I’ll Be a Good Boy” by Max Booth III

“Rey-Ursal” by Chantal Boudreau

“Moon Dance” by Dana Wright

“Hooray for Boners!” by Mandy DeGeit

“Fucking the Dog” by Mandy DeGeit

“The End of the Trail” by Brent Nichols

“Growing Pains” by Lori Michelle

“Collision” by Cameron Suey

“Coyote Moon” by Rie Sheridan Rose

“Wolfsbane” by Dawn Napier

“Your Guide to Living with Were-Koalas” by Jen White

“One Bottle, No Label” by Christian A. Larsen

“The Selkie’s Child” by Cameron Johnston

“Spiritwalker” by Tara Fox Hall

“Huskies” by E.L. Kemper

“Night of the Hunter” by Kris Freestone

“Fog” by Amanda Pillar

“Wallflowers” by Jonah Buck

“Shed” by Emma Whitehall

“Dumpster Diving” by Christine Morgan

“Among the Animals” by Susannah Carlson

“Coming of Age” by Rose Blackthorn

“Slaughter Moon” by Terry Alexander

“Nurture” by Jay Wilburn

“Honeysuckle” by Robin Deffendall

“Slither and Squeeze” by Tracie McBride

“The Ring” by Matthew Wilson

“Schism” by Dane Hatchell

“The Cage” by Erzabet Bishop



In Which I Take Over the HWA Blog and Pimp Zombie Jesus

So in case you didn’t know, I recently edited an anthology for Dark Moon Books called Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories. It comes out in just over a week. To promote it I wrote a guest post on the Horror Writers Association blog today; in this post you’ll find out how to win a free, signed copy of this book. So, ya know, maybe check it out.

Also, for another chance to win a free copy, go over to the promo blog I’ve been running and leave a comment on literally any post to be entered in the drawing. Or, you could just preorder the book right now and receive a free poster of the book cover. Which I’m sure you’ll be convinced to do once you lay eyes on this beautiful bastard below:

Dark Moon Digest Issue 6

Issue six of the digest is now out, and I even have a story in it this time. Check it out, it’s called “The Bag, the Darkness” and it’ll most likely make you even more afraid of the homeless than you undoubtedly already are. Other stories in this issue by authors Lori Michelle, Nicholas Keller, C.L. Raven, Sarah Ahiers, L.S. Murphy, and many more. So stop reading this page and fucking buy it already. Thanks xoxo