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“His Girl in Red” to be Published in WE WALK INVISIBLE

Chupa Cabra House has announced they will be publishing my short story, “His Girl in Red”, in their upcoming anthology, WE WALK INVISIBLE, to be released this November. If you enjoy my occasional hotel stories on Facebook and my blog, then you might want to check this one out. My story “His Girl in Red” is about a hotel night clerk with a fetish for watching people sleep.

Check out the cover and table of contents (not in any official order) below, and keep an eye out for this baby next month…

Cover design by Timm Tayshun
  1. “His Girl in Red” by Max Booth III
  2. “Martin Miles and the Murder at Cherry Hill” by Juliet Niehaus
  3. “Nil” by Barry Rosenberg
  4. “Amputations and Phantom Sensations” by Mackenzie Hurlbert
  5. “Thin” by John S. Barker
  6. “Invisible People” by James S. Dorr
  7. “Happiness is an Unseen Variable” by Christopher Nigro
  8. “Of the Utmost Discretion” by Christine Morgan
  9. “Wreckage” by Steve Newton
  10. “Fifty” by Charie La Marr
  11. “Creepy Creatures” by Michael Shimek
  12. “Half a Dozen” by Mark Slade
  13. “The Occultation Suit” by Mark Mellon
  14. “Haunted” by Melissa Osburn
  15. “Invisible” by K.A. Magrowski
  16. “Hour Redemption” by K. Trap Jones


Now Available: Sex, Drugs & Horror

Just released from James Ward Kirk Fiction is the anthology, SEX, DRUGS & HORROR, featuring my short story, “Sex Demon From Hell”. The book is described as thus: “Sex, Drugs & Horror is an all-out assault on the senses. Everything—from Splatterpunk to Horror Erotica will find a home here. This one is not for the squeamish or prudish. Filled with chills and thrills, this anthology will not disappoint!” I am honored to share a ToC with some familiar faces in the horror field. You can buy this now for paperback here. Check out below for the table of contents.

Introduction by J. Daniel Stone
“Red in the Hood” by Timothy Frasier
“The Witches” by Roger Cowin
3 Love Poems by Roger Cowin
“Love is a Gun” by Roger Cowin
“My Sweet” by Mathias Jansson
“Brothel of hell” by Mathias Jansson
“Flesh, Blood, and Bones” by Shawna Bernard
“Dentist” by Shawna Bernard
“Nightwing” by Shawna Bernard
“She” by Selene MacLeod
“Corpus Delectable” by Sydney Leigh
“Fair Play” by Brigitte Kephart
“Chalk” by K. Trap Jones
“Skin Flick” by Ken Goldman
“Happy as Cotton Candy” by William J Fedigan
“Sex Demon from Hell” by Max Booth III
“Smoke and Mirrors” by J. Daniel Stone
“My Dead Celebrity” by Shaun Avery
“Blood Soaked” by Jason Hughes
“Necessary Cold Ruthlessness” by Timothy Frasier
“Diagra” by Simon Critchell
“Senhpi ez hrl Dmajld (Coitus of the Damned)” by Christian Riley
“Just Take It” by Robert Holt
“Sunset Lake” by David Price
“Ashtray Kiss ” by Michael Lindquist
“Doing it for JRD (Justice, Revenge and Deliverance)” by David Eccles
“A Brief Held Beauty” by B.T. Joy
“Head Blown Out” by David L Tamarin
“Old Tricks” by Michael Zunenshine
“Sinister Desires” by Michael Randolph