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Special Holiday Editing Offer!

Well, hello there person (presumably) who is reading this post! Congratulations on clicking here. You won’t regret it. Or you might, honestly, I have no idea what you’re expecting right now. If you want nude pics, you’ll have to wait until next Tuesday’s post, so just hold it in your pants until then. However, if you wanted an awesome editing special only for the holiday season, then you’ve come to the right place!

Anyway, I’ve officially lost my mind.

Starting right now, and ending December 31, I will be offering edits of full novels (100,000 words or less) for a flat rate of $100. Now, is $100 a lot of cash for something like this?

Hardly. Take a look at my normal rates.

Typically, I charge over $100 just to edit a story over 5,000 words. Right now, I’ll be editing NOVELS for only $100. This is basically like if you were to go to Sonic and order a bacon cheeseburger, and not only does the little redheaded bimbo come rollerblading out with your food, but she’s also completely naked, and she’s offering free cocaine.



So it’d be wise to take advantage of this offer before I realize what the hell I’m doing! Act fast, too, because I’m only offering this deal to five people, and then it’s gone.

And if you’re wondering if you can trust me with the whole “editing” thing, I’d suggest taking a look at the latest review of the anthology I recently edited, Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories.

So, still interested? Email me at madd_maxxx3@yahoo.com. Remember, you have until the end of December, and there are only five spots open right now, which I expect to fill up before the deadline.