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Stephen King Month is Nearing, Plus Some Other Stuff, I Guess

First off, I have helped put together another STEPHEN KING MONTH at the Dark Moon blog, Last Writes. Very excited to have contributions from writing all stars like Joe McKinney and C.W. LaSart. Read this post for further details.

I also just received news that my story, “Oh Just Shut Up Already”, has been accepted in the classy eFiction Magazine. Will post more about it when the information comes available, but pretty excited about this one. I am still anxiously waiting to see if I made it in the White Cats anthology, Airships & Automatons, which would pay some hella good cash.

Also, in case you didn’t happen to notice the beautiful little button on the top right of my site, I am now an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association! Which is awesome! So suck it! YEAH!

Zombie Buffet: An Undead Anthology

So I had my first story published in print not too long ago. It’s, surprise surprise, a zombie story. It is called “Mad”, and is about the human form of mad cow disease breaking out in a small California city. Fun fact: this was originally written as a science report. I got extra credit for creativity. BAM! Suck it!

And after you suck it, buy this baby! (Note: sucking is not necessary)